Living Hope Compassion Ministries

Living Hope Compassion Ministries

As a 501(c)3 non-profit, Living Hope works to employ, equip, & empower the poor with dignity and accountability to break the cycle of poverty in Redding and have been doing so for over 30 years.

Their belief is to address the two most important issues to solve poverty which are emergency services and community development, but emergency services without the community development creates dependency which can be more harmful. By recognizing the gap in community development, Living Hope aims to create engagement in the process to be self-sufficient.

Living Hope provides a unique food Co-op through Neighborhood Networks in which the consumer is also a producer. This program requires investment in relationships, accountability and a personal investment, and with those they create value and pride towards the end goal.

Along with the the food Co-op, the ministry has The Life Cycles bike shop, which sells recycled bicycles, offers low cost repairs and training for the homeless and low-income.

The Shack, a pop-up non-profit restaurant managed by former homeless clients, is their vocational rehabilitation program which provides job training and employment. The goal of these programs are to encourage poor and homeless individuals to become self-sufficient.

To learn more about Living Hope Compassion Ministries or their Products with a Purpose, where purchasing their fresh made salsa helps to create opportunities for poor and homeless in our community, please visit or call (530)243-8066.

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