Veterans Resource Center

Veterans Resource Center

Veterans Resource Center (VRC) is a community based veteran’s service agency with thirteen centers across Northern California, Northern Nevada and Northern Arizona, including the location here in Redding, California.

VRC works to not only to help veterans in their journey to overcome barriers but also includes their families in the healing process.

There are various programs offered by VRC and the comprehensive list includes: Homeless Prevention & Rapid Re-Housing, Employment & Training Programs, Transitional Housing, Behavioral Health Treatment, Permanent Supportive Housing, Nutrition Services, Case Management, Resource Centers and Humanitarian Efforts.

Through the Homeless Prevention & Rapid Re-Housing, low income families are provided outreach, case management and other assistance which promote stable housing while they are transitioning to permanent housing.

Case management is one of the most important necessities in our community and VRC helps veterans navigate and connect to much needed services. This is one of the most effective tools which provides support essential to successful treatment which leads to a veteran’s independence.

With housing and case management, it then becomes possible for a veteran to enter the workforce through VRC’s Winning the Employment Game program, which has a 90% success rate.

Our community is very fortunate to have VRC participate in many events throughout the area including the Nick Dahl Memorial Golf Tournament and the Senior and Veteran Fraud Prevention Fair.

For more information on Veterans Resource Center- Redding you can visit or call 530-223-3211.

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